Rob Matthews and Friends

MEd, Music Education, Teacher, Adjunct Music Professor

Sussex, NB, CA


Sing & Move — energize your classroom routine through the power of song and movement


This uplifting session explores the function of song and movement in your early childhood classroom.

  • It is a practical reminder of how music can be used as a powerful educational tool.

  • It consolidates how music functions to help our students reach educational goals, various outcomes and global competencies.

  • This session will also explore the use of home-made instruments created from recyclable materials.


Robert is a music specialist who received his Master’s in Music Education from the University of Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa. Rob spent eight years teaching Music Methodology, Classroom Music Practice, African Percussion and Piano Didactics to education students at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has also worked as a music teacher catering to various age groups from pre-school through high school. While living in South Africa, Rob served for six years as an annual presenter for the professional development of educators belonging to NAPTOSA - the National Professional Teachers’ Organization of South Africa. He has also presented enrichment workshops for Orff Africa* as well as music education modules for the in-service training of practicing general educators in the primary and elementary phases through the University of the Witwatersrand.

Rob’s most recent stint of music teaching has been amongst the Inuit on Canada’s Baffin Island. Prior to moving to Canada, Rob worked as the director for the Waterstone School of Arts where he facilitated various teachers/ tutors in the teaching of classroom music as well individual music tuition, band, choir and drama.

Rob has a keen educational interest in teaching teachers to use music to its full potential in their classrooms. Much of his focus is using music as a catalyst for critical thinking and as a point of departure for greater learning. His underpinning philosophy is that the teaching of music should be praxial and not simply theoretical. In other words, the skill is gained and enhanced through doing.

Rob is the Music/ Band teacher at SRHS and Adjunct Music Professor at Kingswood University. Rob and his wife Julie live in Sussex, NB with their two young daughters.