Wellness. For your mind, body and spirit

Wellness- it’s something we hear a lot about lately. We all need to find healthy habits for our physical and mental health. Some people see the term ‘Wellness’ and assume it means a gym membership, while others think it is a holistic term that has to do with yoga, essential oils and meditation. But what is wellness, really?

We think ‘wellness’ is looking after yourself. Whether it’s your mental, physical or spiritual health- it’s putting yourself first. As Early Childhood Educators, in a field that is also predominantly female- it is usually not in our nature to put ourselves first. We are so used to having to look after little ones and our families that many times- we come in last, if at all. So- what do we do about wellness?

Your emotional health is important, especially these days with the added stress that CoVid has placed on our lives. Vacations and travel are pretty much out. So, what do you do- something that is just for you? Do you treat yourself to a manicure/ pedicure, a spa day or a massage? Or maybe a new hair cut or a facial. A bubble bath?! Do you curl up with a book (a trashy novel or an autobiography) or maybe binge Netflix? Are you a person who uses essential oils in your home. Do you use some for mask spray? What about a glass of wine (or a bottle!)? These are all things that we might find the time to do- and they are just for us. Not for anyone else.

So, what about your physical wellness? You don’t have to be a ‘gym person’ to look after your health. Maybe you belong to a fitness center or you might just head out for a walk in the fresh air. Or do you think exercise is a dirty word? LOL. Have you bought a big water bottle and try to get your 8 glasses a day? Do you watch what you eat and try to be mindful of what you put in your body?

What about spiritually? Do you spend time reflecting on your day? Do you keep a journal

or spend time meditating? Do you belong to a Church or maybe a book club? Do you do yoga classes on dvd or online? Do you have friends you meet for coffee or lunch? A support system can be a lifesaver when you need to vent or want a shoulder to lean on. Many people start working in this field thinking it will be fun and easy to ‘play with children all day’. But it’s not always fun. And it isn’t always easy either.

When you spend all day looking after others- do you make sure to take time, no, wait –do you make time- to look after you?

Tell us- how do you make Wellness a part of your life?

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