Recap: Celebrating the Intergenerational Challenges - Mastermind by Brenda Robinson.

Did you catch Brenda Robinson’s Mastermind Session on Saturday? It was so interesting hearing about all the different generations we come in contact with in our daily lives- at work and at play. There were so many classifications of age groups and different traits of each- many of whom are still in the workforce. We learned we all have strengths that can help a workplace be more successful.

One of the best takeaways from this session was to remember not to see differences as difficulties. There have been so many changes in our world over the past decades that these changes are also reflected in people. It was so wonderful to gain a greater understanding of why these trends happen.

If you missed Brenda’s session the recording of it is now online. The full video is available for our Premium Members. If you are a free member, and you decide now that you’d like to upgrade your membership from a free subscription, as soon as you do so, you’ll have access to the full recording, and all past and future Masterminds! If you’re a paid member, you can access the recording and certification quiz from your membership area of the Shining Lights website!

Our Masterminds will be moving to Wednesday evenings starting with Rob Matthews in May – this will free up our weekends now that the better weather is here!

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