Music- What does it mean to you?

Do you drive to work each day with the radio blaring? We all know music has an affect on our day. An old tune may bring back memories. A new song might have you searching to find out the artist. And that music when you are put on hold….well, lets not go there LOL

How does music affect our children and our classrooms? It helps with transitions and we all seem to have our own favourite. ‘Clean up, clean up everybody, every where.’ Sound familiar?

Singing the same songs can help to increase children’s vocabulary and can be a helpful distraction when the day is going ‘sideways’. It can bring the energy level up- or bring it down when needed. And it is so much fun watching little ones banging on a pot or playing a guitar- 'air' or other. :)

Everyone has at least one favourite – ‘toe tapping, knee slapping, foot stomping, booty shakin’ tune’ – you get the picture!

Music can make a bad day better and a good day fantastic!

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