Dr. Diane Kashin

Did you miss Dr. Diane Kashin’s presentation Saturday on Wooden Toys? We were all enthralled by the beautiful array of wooden blocks and toys she shared with us. It was hard to decide which was more beautiful, the natural wood or the colourful selections - oh and the jewels! We all wished we could have a set of each in our classrooms!

Diane gave us a greater understanding of the benefits of wooden toys and loose parts. While we all know blocks play an important role in an Early Childhood setting – it was so enlightening to see the wide variety of wooden toys we could incorporate into our classrooms. It was wonderful seeing the layers of learning that come with block play and watching Diane’s grandson experience so much imagination and creativity while playing added to her session.

And we wonder after seeing Diane's pictures, how many of us considered adding some wooden art creations to our office or common areas- to bring the beauty and serenity of wood into our daily life.

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If you missed it - the recording of the session is available in your masterminds.

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That's all from us for now. Let us leave you with these photos of what it looks like when one of our children here at Lisa's Playhouse gets lost in the fun of playing with blocks.

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