We celebrate our educator’s role this past year in providing sunshine to children when the world was bleak.

Minister Cardy, Minister of Educator and Early Childhood Development, will share a statement to the province recognizing and honouring you, the educators, as heroes during this pandemic and for the early learning industry.


Wednesday we invite centres and their families to celebrate their educators.


Prepare a special brunch, gifts, give notes of appreciation, invite messages from families etc.


This day also marks province wide unity in wearing yellow in honour of “our light shines”, in recognition of the industry keeping our lives bright for the children of this province.

June 7 - June 11, 2021

Provincial Early Learning & Childcare Week

Our Light Shines

14th Annual Provincial Early Learning and Child Care Educators Week is a time to recognize the importance of early learning.

This is especially significant this year after a year of worldwide change, public health restrictions never seen before, closures, uncertainty, and fear.

The importance of the childcare industry to the economy became abundantly clear early on. Educators pivoted to deliver early learning and care under strict protocols and our doors remained open through the uncertainty. Children were provided environments that focused on normalcy, light, engagement, and fun.


Educators were “lighting the way” for the children of our province.


This is why this year’s theme is “Our Light Shines”


Whether you work in an early learning childcare centre or a childcare home, June 7-11, 2021 is a week to celebrate the important work you do with children and families.


We thank you for lighting the way!


Please join us with weeklong festivities, celebrating educators, early learning and


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Show Your Radiance - June 7-11

Colour your world in sunshine

  • Use hashtag #ourlightshines all week long

  • Decorate your centres inside and out with happiness depicting the sun, rays of sunshine, flowers and smiles

  • Invite families to do the same at home and share their pictures


  • Celebrate all week long with special events or theme days

  • Prepare of a photo collage of the year, post a video showcasing your educators and children singing, dancing, marching to the song “This Little Light of Mine”

Practice Gratitude

  • Start a thank you chain from parents and administrators to educators

  • Plant a gratitude tree in honour of this past year


  • Wear your “My Light Shines” t-shirt

  • Find inspiration: “This little Light of Mine”

Get Inspired

Show Your Radiance - June 7-11

Celebrate educators in your special way…it’s Educator Day!!

Early Childhood Educator Day
Wednesday, June 9