This is our story from the past year…
The group of kids I pick up at school everyday to walk back to our center seen a group of high-school students performing and interacting with the folks at a care center. The kids asked why these teenagers were outside these big windows, playing music and interacting with the residences inside. I explaned in light detail that they were giving these people recognition and showing them that there are people here who care about them. My group was so moved by what these older kids were doing that now everytime we walk back to our own center, I let them walk up this driveway so that the kids can wave and say hi to the sweet people inside. We do it everyday since the time they seen those teenagers doing something so thoughtful.

(Ages 8-11)

My coworker and I emphasize on empathy and understanding of others around us and how even the littlest of kind deeds from us can mean the most for others.

Riverview, NB

Wee College White Pine Center