This is our story from the past year…
The Surprise from Covid 19
In years to come, the topic of Covid-19 will inevitably illicit strong memories and varying types and levels of emotions. Any significant event in our lives has this effect and this worldwide change in “normal” will rank high with many of us.
It is so easy to highlight the negatives from a state of emergency, closures, isolation and social distancing. I am not downplaying any of these for many people are reeling from them. I am reminded of a conversation with Cara McEachnie, director of the essential care team, of her thoughts on the topic and her words still brings a smile to my face.
Cara speaks of the 8 weeks as an essential care center with warmth, humor, pride and loyalty to her co-workers, families, and profession. I was surprised that her takeaway was only positive. She remarked how this team of six educators came together under feelings of unease, insecurity, questions, some being new to the centre, and overcame the obstacles to get the job done. She spoke of their devotion, strength, warmth, trust, the ability to lift each other, and genuine happiness to be with the children. They were committed to provide a positive and loving environment for the children in their care. Cara expressed that while inside the walls of Wee College the children played oblivious to the Covid-19 world around them. I feel this team is a testament to positive leadership in the childcare industry.
This week we celebrate all our educators in the province who continue to step up to offer essential childcare services. Our takeaway- you are unwavering achievers!
During the earlier phases of Covid, positive leadership was evident within our provincial government and those officials directly involved in the licensing and monitoring of New Brunswick childcare centers. Individuals in government took on unprecedent roles, sometimes changing daily, to address the ongoing concerns and issues raised by this intrusive and life-threatening virus. Our government consulted, analysed, and made the hard decisions that directly saved lives and better positioned our province in the re-opening phases. We feel it necessary to acknowledge the provincial department of early learning and the respect shown for the role we play in a healthy and viable economy. It is evident in the measures and continued support from the early learning department that our interests have become truly aligned under Covid-19.
We thank and celebrate the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Minister Cardy, Nicole Gervais, Pierre Martin, Mary Haché, Erin MacLaggan, Lorraine Kennedy, Lori Godin, Rebecca Rice, and the many other government support staff too numerous to mention here, yet our thanks to each.
Our shout out to Premier Higgs and Dr. Jennifer Russell for their leadership, steadfast and strong. Your dedication and support have inspired a province to meet the objectives necessary to flatten the curve while ensuring a viable and strong recovery.
Our takeaway- together we are better, stronger, and more resilient!
Our world has changed, yet not a surprise, people have shown compassion for each other, a desire to uplift and a resilience to overcome. We have seen this throughout the quarantine and even more evident during re-opening. We thank all Wee College educators who have pivoted in their roles, demonstrating best practices relating to care, well-being, and learning. We thank our families, for their continued trust and faith in our programs. We thank our wee children, who remind us each day to live, love and laugh without hesitation.
Our takeaway- Wee College is a place where teachers inspire, parents empower, and children experience! Let us continue to work together for the betterment of children, families, each other, and our communities.

Moncton, NB

Wee College - The Surprise