This is our story from the past year…
This past year has been one we hope never to repeat! We closed in March, 2020- but quickly reopened with minimal staff as an Essential Center. In June we reopened as a whole with all the protocols and new regulations. It has been an experience for sure with class bubbles and screenings- but we are noticing less illness- due no doubt to the extra precautions taken. We dislike masks like everyone else- but the children take it in stride. And at the end of the day- the children are still having fun- we are playing outside and enjoying the fresh air and our time together. The parents are happy to see their children with some normalcy in their life. We know that we are fortunate to live in a rural area- that hasn’t been as affected by the pandemic as urban centers- and for this we are truly thankful. And for a team of co workers who - even when we are in different bubbles- we are still all in this together.

Sussex, NB

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