This is our story from the past year…
What an honor to read all these inspiring stories "shining light" on Early Childhood Education! We feel privileged to be a part of such an outstanding community of childcare providers! Here at Centreville Child Care we have been operating at full capacity since returning from Covid shut down last year. June 1st marked our one year return and although we have adjusted to our new Covid life, we are looking forward to our future and hoping to accomplish great things! In 2019 we began the process of an expansion. We currently have 2 licensed facilities totaling 70 spaces and our waiting list has 52 names waiting to get in!! We have designed a new building to hold our two licenses increasing our spaces to 120! We are so excited to be on this journey and we know there is still sooooo much work ahead but we are strong, smart, powerful, educators who are determined to make an impact in our community. We believe it is our responsibility to capture the essence and innocence of childhood-a place where EVERY child is given EVERY opportunity to flourish!


Centreville Child Care

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