The Shining Light on ECE Community

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Lisa Brown. Lisa loved children, and nature, learning and teaching.


Lisa loved children and nature and teaching so much that she started her own early learning centre (Lisa’s Playhouse)… and a forest school! 


She loved learning so much that when she wanted more professional development opportunities for ECEs in New Brunswick, with some financial support from the province, she started her own conference—Shining Light. 


By 2019, Lisa's Playhouse was operating with a waiting list, and ECEs were excited for the third annual Shining Light Conference. 


But one day, in the spring of 2020, a nasty global virus came along. COVID-19 was very scary, but it provided an opportunity for Lisa to take a deep breath and make a plan for the future.


On a soul level, what Lisa truly wanted was to use her passion and influence to change the world. To teach others about the importance of sustainability and how to rethink their behaviours towards a greener future.


She began to think about creating an online community where...


ECEs could pay a yearly or monthly subscription to access resources to help them bring sustainability into their homes and classrooms.  


Each month, a new presenter would provide an online professional development opportunity so ECEs could earn certificates towards their learning goals throughout the year, rather than in one single day.


Each week, a new item would be added to an ever-growing library of resources: an article, or blog, or video from Lisa.


On a daily basis, Lisa could bestow her eco-wisdom upon a community of like-minded people, sharing her insights and tips to create real change in the world. 


Individuals with similar interests could connect and learn from one another via a members Forum.


There could be a shop filled with resources, books, eco-friendly toys, waste-free kitchen products, and more.


Each month would have a theme, depending on the season, and Lisa could share her ideas and advice around greening each and every one, while community members also had a chance to contribute. 


With each new person to sign up for a membership, the ripple effect would become bigger and bigger, until it formed a giant wave...


In January of 2021, the online Shining Light community opened its doors to its founding members. 


And we are SO very happy to have you here.


If you haven’t yet joined, we hope to see you soon.

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