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Remember the excitement you felt when you decided to enter this field? When you’re surrounded by the right people and the right energy, you can get that feeling back. 

Early Childhood Educators, this is your invitation to rise and shine. 

We have something for you. 

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Experience professional growth through our monthly masterminds (which may qualify for training hours) and resources designed to make your life easier.


Your days are often chaotic! As a member, you’ll receive weekly tips and tricks to reduce and manage your stress while encouraging a return to nature.


As a member, you’ll have access to our forum and our private Facebook Group where you can contribute your own ideas and learn from others.

Our mission is to connect and inspire Early Childhood Educators so that the people caring for children are nourished mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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When you work in education, to say that some days are easier than others would be a major understatement!
Shining Lights is here to connect you with your fellow ECEs and to provide you with new personal and professional development skills on an ongoing basis… no matter where you are!
Engaging and interactive monthly masterminds
Fun challenges for chances to win prizes
Free resources created just for ECEs
Access to a private message forum for connection and friendship
Much more!

Shine on.

As an Early Childhood Educator, you are entrusted with our greatest treasures. Presumably, you entered the field to spend your days with children during their most adorable of years. But if you’re like many ECEs, you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. COVID-19 has changed the way you do your job, and on top of those new rules and guidelines, you have demands coming at you from all directions which is causing more stress than is healthy. On top of everything else, licensing requires you to earn a certain number of learning credits each year. That was much easier before we were blindsided by a pandemic.

Lisa Brown, proud tree-hugging, children loving, award-winning ECE and founder of the Shining Lights Conference (in cooperation of the province of New Brunswick), has devised an eco-friendly and socially-distanced way to connect Early Childhood Educators while providing monthly opportunities for quality training.


When Shining Lights was held as an in-person conference, the cost was $120 per seat for the one-day event. 


With this newly reimagined online community, you have access to at least 12 Masterminds per year, monthly resources designed especially for ECEs, and access to our Forum and Facebook group for the same price.

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